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KM Links Game - December week 3

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gonesailing | 04:13 Sat 20th Dec 2008 | Crosswords
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Good morning everyone - coming to you from Melbourne for the next two weeks and instead of being blue with cold, I'm green !! For some reason best known to Santa's elves or the fish in the sea, my old alias is no longer known here so I've gone sailing instead of fishing.

At the moment the current game is fairly close so now is your chance to score lots of points and really have something to celebrate come New Year.

Right, after traveling for two days and now having to fight with an unfamiliar computer I'm suffering a bit from brain fade so this will be a bit on the short side.

Down the time track a bit, one of our early rising team will lodge this morning's link words from the Telegraph Crosswords, along with their own selections and then it's our turn to match wits with Kate and manage to score some points - so far this month has been a little on the lean side.

Come Monday morning we'll repeat the process and see how we faired, the contest having closed at midnight.
As always there are no word limits on KM but don't forget when you go over to MM links or you'll be in strife.

One quick comment before leaving temporarily - it's very pretty Strix but that's all I'm prepared to admit to at this point in time.

ok I'm away for a bit only to return when the action gets underway.......S



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Happy New Year and all the Very Best for 2009 !

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KM Links Game - December week 3

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