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ST GK 969

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maxidragon | 09:40 Sun 12th Jun 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Thanks for previous, still need 17d) small enclosed concrete shelter, I have f?l?b?? and 27a) yellow colouring matter found in various flowers (7) i have ??n?h?n Thanks very much


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Thankyou, sussed it now , had friar instead of prior!
Been sitting here,looking at this one for a couple of hours, checking up on ideas, but still zilch ....
"Can you keep a secret? Then you'll feel right at home in this city of spies, double agents and assassins which made it a Nazi place to hang out, but inspired writers and film-makers - a new generation beat a path here after peace broke out. The TGV should be pulling in soon, but most visitors arrive here by sea. Name the city."

Thought it was France, but not so sure now as there are TGV stations in other countries than France. The four photos are:

Two actors (1 male 1 female), both with guns in their hands, standing by some cliffs
A TGV train
a person disappearing round a corner with blue painted walls in a street.
black & white photo of two blokes (?famous) one of them pretending to hand the other, who seems to be dressed all in white.

TIA, Chox.
Casablanca ??????
Which puzzle are you referring to, Chokkie?
17d Pillbox
chokkie, this should be in a thread of its own!
27a saffron
27a saffron
I think pillbox is the shelter and xanthin is the colour

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ST GK 969

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