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MM & KM Link Games October 2011 Week 1

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gen2 | 20:53 Fri 30th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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MM & KM Link Games October 2011 Week 1

The shrubbery gates have now been opened, rather later than usual but better late than never.

We are beginning a new month - a five-week month no less - with 'Morgan Le Fay' (aka 'Euphemia' as the setter.
Many found ManxieMo's mind to be rather impenetrable but hopefully it will be easier to get attuned with 'Morgan le Fay'. Will the sorceress outwit you?

All scores are reset to zero so it is a level playing field for the new setter.

All you have to do is look out for her post in Q&P at 8:45 tomorrow morning and the main challenge on the same thread at 9am. Just make sure you get your guesses in early enough to qualify for bonus points.

Dont forget our sister game, the KM Links based on Kate Mepham's GK crosswords in the Saturday/Monday Telegraph. That game is run by Seekeerz from Australia and kicks off at 7am. Don't worry about the early start there, the bonus points are not time-sensitive in that game. Actually, this weekend, Seekeerz is having problems with her internet connection so it may be launched (late) in Q&P by somebody else. You will recocognise it though because it will have KM LINKS in the title.



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It's very quiet in the shrubbery least not much clearing up to do!
Question Author
It must be the sunshine keeping everyone away.
Maybe I should be offering ice-cream and candyfloss?
Goodnight everybody.
Gen2...I think that the sun had already gone down before the shrubbery was opened, but it is still warm enough for an ice-cream!
I wondered where you were! I went to bed early with a really sore throat, so I missed you! I waited until about 9pm.

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MM & KM Link Games October 2011 Week 1

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