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Mm Links Results June 2013 Week 3

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Manxiemo | 19:05 Sun 16th Jun 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
7 Answers
This week's game is over and I can now reveal that my chosen links were:


Gen2 is not available just now but will post the points and details on this thread much later this evening (probably around 11pm).


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thanks Manxie, none for me again :-(
Yes thanks Manxie, none for me again as well :-(
Thank you Manxiemo,
Glad to have got "False alarm"
Sad not to have had (on an NT property) "piano nobile" but maybe the house isn't that "nobile"!
Question Author
Sorry, Strix, but I couldn't find "nobile" in my dictionary, so refrained from including it in my link words!
MM Links Results June 2013 Week 3

As 'Manx Queenie' has posted above, her chosen links were:


Three of those links were picked up very quickly but one hung on for a bit.

However, the most popular guess was 'Grand Piano' but 'Manx Queenie' used that term twice within her introduction. Did you really think it was going to be that easy!

Could I once again remind players that in this game, the answers are all from 4 to 8 letters in length. Stray outside that range and you have wasted your guess. (eg 'classical' is 9)
ALSO, all link words should be genuine words found in an ENGLISH dictionary or recognised proper nouns such as might be found as an answer to a crossword clue. (Yes Strix, Mo is correct re. 'nobile')

So back to the scoring: The details follow below
Roslyn leapt straight in with HUMAN RACE (the second most popular guess) for 2 points along with Ulysses100 and Aquagility.

Right on her heels was Brenden with PIANO STOOL (2 points)

With the clock still on 9:01, Ulysses100 also picked up 2 points for FALSE ALARM along with Rockfordill and Strix.

The final link of MUSIC TEACHER had to wait until 2unicorns came along at 9:23.

In summary, the point scorers this week were:
4 ulysses100
2 2unicorns
2 Aquagility
2 Brenden
2 Elspeth
2 fordward
2 rockfordill
2 roslyn251254
2 Strix
2 wickedtongue
1 beejay1124
1 BigMac
1 CHRIS-Hewat
1 cupid04
1 evsajo
1 patchett
1 pixie373
1 seekeerz
1 SHAZZA-Hewat
1 x-ray

so as highest scorer and one of 4 double-hitters I declare

***** HOTSHOT FOR *****
***** THIS WEEK IS *****
* * * * ULYSSES 100 * * * *

Now for the leaderboard:

The previous leader, cliffyg, failed to score this week allowing ulysses100 to draw alongside.
With two weeks to go, there still could be any number of potential winners for June.

8 cliffyg
8 ulysses100
6 Aquagility
6 Strix
5 Brenden
4 owllady
4 roslyn251254
10 on 3 points
9 on 2 points
& 6 on 1 point

Sorry to have kept you all waiting for the points tonight.

Congratulations to all point scorers and we'll reconvene next weekend.
Until then,
Same time (9am)
Same place (Q&P)
Happy Linking
Manxiemo and Gen2, silly me re: nobile.
As a previous setter I should have remembered the rules.
You can, of course, find it if you look for "piano" in the dictionary but not on its own.
Lesson learnt.

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Mm Links Results June 2013 Week 3

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