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The Km Links Game - November Week 5 And Results

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seekeerz | 00:59 Mon 02nd Dec 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - lovely sunny day here without being ridiculous, nice early start for me with Herculis online well before the witching hour and while there wasn't the cascade of points to finish off, at least we got all of the matches - always a bonus !

Mouse Trap
Beef Burger
House Sparrow
Iceland Poppy

Admittedly the best we managed was two correct, with a total of 44 points scored in all - Ooooo, thought it was better that that, but never mind, there's always next month.

On that note - I'll be able to continue the December game right through to the end this time, Christmas looks to be on the quiet side [so far !] and being in the middle of the week makes it easier to work round.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers for this month, it hasn't been the easiest, what with one thing and another, but we've all got there !
So stay safe and warm till we reconvene next Saturday...skz


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11 points - ulysses100

9 points - teacher1, x-ray & seekeerz

7 points - lysander, John, psybbo, Fibonacci, kettledrum & Shazza H

6 points - beejay1124, bryher & JRB

5 points - london_lassy, tambourine, owllady, gen2, cgoody, jillywiskas, tyrepill, baza, pixie373, Gill G, grannydi, cannylad & eccles

4 points - rockfordill, BigMac, kawakiri, jobjockey, Prescott, Onty, nabob, Mrs E & cpfcrosie

3 points - deecee131, tearinghair, Mr W, sadielady, Rose Maybud, mallyh & sarumite

2 points - Chiefpanda, roslyn251254, middlestump, Phyl, elliemay1, cliffyg, brizzer & 2sp

1 point - Christiana, Aquagility, devadiva, boxtops, Strix, Brenden, HandBagLady. cupid04, wickedtongue, Chris H, twix123, angler57, Muzz & 2unicorns

Right, before it all disappears again, well done all and I'm away..Steff

Thanks skz.Glad I won't have to suffer withdrawal symptoms from Saturday links this Christmas!
Thanks, Steff, for all your hard work - and persistence! Nearly made it into the freefall club this week - in both games!
Many thanks, Steff.
Hi steff,

Thanks for your all of your hard work. Nice to see that I managed to maintain my lead and stay at the top of the leaderboard, even though I only got one correct match. Congratulations to all point winners too.

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The Km Links Game - November Week 5 And Results

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