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Missing Link?

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grumpyman | 17:45 Thu 02nd Jan 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
6 Answers
Looking for the missing link word:
i.e Gold, Pond, Finger =FISH (GoldFISH, FISH Finger, FISHpond.

Question (1): FARM, FOOD, GOOD
Question (3): DIES, OVER, DOWN

65 in total have got all of the others.

Thanks in advance.



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3 Come? Come-dies,over-come,come-down
18:40 Thu 02nd Jan 2014
2 breathing
1 Health
3 Come? Come-dies,over-come,come-down
Nice one, quinie!
3 Bear
Question Author
I think that it's a shame that you can only give one best answer, as the three of you (factor-fiction + scorpiojo and quinie) all deserve it, but as I have struggled with question 3 the most I think that it must go to quinie.
I am afraid that i can't follow the reasoning given by tballrossi (Bear)

Thank you all .lol

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