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Pendleside Christmas Dingbats 2017

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Of10stuck | 22:52 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers
These are out and it's head scratching time again. Two are driving me mad!
Q36(Does anyone remember an earlier Hospice Christmas Dingbats similar to this one?)
G ORG the missing letters are in a circle here and read
and Q48
ELEVEN (written on its side but my computer won't do that!)


Before any of the superbrains get angry at me for asking so early in the competition, I've to go into hospital soon and won't have internet access. Any POINTERS would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.


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I've not looked at mine yet, as you say it's very new out.

I wish you well during your hospital stay - are you going to be in that long?
Question Author
I wish not but there will be two and the post op complications will determine that. Thanks for the thought.
just to be clear on 48 is it written so the v looks like < above drumbad?
Question Author
Good morning. Yes and no. The v is this way on > with the first e of the word eleven before it. Thank you.
Question Author
Did you get any inspiration Mamyalynne about the ELEVEN laid down with the word DRUMBAD underneath it? I've got a dance between the Ds and know everything there is about the Irish town and lake but still see nothing to point me to Christmas.
I haven't really, still working on my current pile of quizzes - these are always head scratchers I know.
Question Author
I have until Sunday night to wrack my brains Mamyalynne then I'm going to Venice for five days to forget everything for now. Next weekend I'll be studying pre admission rules and instructions, packing differently then getting 'fettled' and concentrating, hopefully, on recovering. If I don't have any inspiration by then, I give in.
Someone may come up with some inspiration for you, I hope you have a lovely time in Venice and fettling is soon complete.x

Take care.
Question Author
Bless you and thank you.
36. The names are all kings smillie and reed are carols. Don't know what the missing letters have to do with it but I have Carols from Kings. Hope this helps.
Eleven on its side it is laying down therefore eleven lay
drumbad take the d's away and you have rumba which is a dance. the dance is inside the d's making dancing put it all together eleven ladies dancing.
Except that there were 9 ladies dancing in the song.

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Pendleside Christmas Dingbats 2017

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