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Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool - Payment For Quizzes

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Pussycats2 | 09:44 Mon 26th Nov 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The Trustees of Nairn Hydrotherapy have asked me if there is an alternative way for me to receive payment for quizzes other than by cheque as Bank Charges have halfed the income from each cheque which is bad news for the Charity. As a result of this I would be obliged if you could either pay through PayPal - payment should be to or enclose cash payment with your entry.
I am sorry if this will inconvenience anyone but it seems as if cheques willsoon be a thing of the past.
Thank you.


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Would it not be easier for the charity to provide details in order to allow for a money transfer.
Or cheques made payable to you and you then pass money on to the charity.
I assume your bank doesn't charge you for processing personal cheques.
Oh dear, too late I've just posted a mine with a cheque.Next quiz will use PayPal if you add details to the quiz.
I'm trying to make a payment for the next quiz but PayPal does not recognise ''Does anyone have another address please

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Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool - Payment For Quizzes

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