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The K M Links Game - December Week 4 Results

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seekeerz | 02:37 Mon 24th Dec 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and it's warming up here, so glad I've almost crossed everything off my list .....we do have to go out for a couple of last minute things, but hopefully with one driving and one shopping it shouldn't be too horrific ....famous last words ( I hope not )

Well the links were ok, not the most obscure we've had, but then when one player managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and score a perfect ten......

Paper Chains
Snow Globe
Fairy Lights
Gift Wrap

Congratulations TEARINGHAIR !!! Early Christmas present to you, ten lovely points for a perfect score, very well done !!

Hotly followed by SAM1960 with 6 points ....and the top of the tree too !!

Quite a lot of 3's and 1's sprinkled around, and this is how the LEADER BOARD looks at the almost finished stage .....

14 points - Sam1960

13 points - Rose Maybud

11 points - tearinghair

10 points - cliffyg

9 points - cpfcrosie

8 points - Butterbun, Kawakiri, & modeste

7 points - Dickiedot & teacher1

6 points - angler57, centrino & scorpiojo.

And I think I'd be pretty safe saying the winner for December will be one of the above, but one never knows ....however no excuse for relaxing, everyone on deck please for the last round, till then, try not to o/d on the Yuletide goodies and stay safe wherever you are.....Cheers, Steff



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Thanks Steff. A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

I must improve on my score for Jan.
Question Author
Thanks, Tony and the same to you and your family too.
Happy Christmas Seekz and family xxx
Question Author
Thanks, mamya, and the same to you and yours xxx
Oh my goodness! I haven't had more than a couple of points for months! Thank you, skz, and I hope it's a sign of things to come for the national lottery... Happy Christmas to everyone.
Whoops - falling backwards again with a magnificent '0'.
Well done, indeed, to Tearinghair and thanks as ever to Steff.
To those that are celebrating, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
I need to do better! Thank you Steff. Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all the KM players.
Thanks Steff and a Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all the KM gang xxx
Season's greetings Steff.
seasons greetings steff
best wishes for 2019
Thanks, Steff, and Merry Christmas to the KM Links group. Cheers!
Thanks, Steff.
Merry Christmas to you and your family, and to all in the ‘KM Links’ group! x
Thanks Steff, nil points yet again !!

Merry Christmas to you and all your family, and to all the KM Links gang.

I hope that Santa's kangaroos haven't left too much mess on your rooftop !!!
Wow. Can't remember the last time I was top of the leader board.
Thanks Steff for all your hard work.

Merry Christmas to you, and all your family. xx
Question Author
Thank you all for your kind wishes, I hope it's a wonderful day for you and your families and also looking forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year for everyone.

Thank you also for putting up with my brain fades throughout the year, I'll try to do better in future xxx
Happy holidays, Steff. ( 2 mins to go here ).

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The K M Links Game - December Week 4 Results

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