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Nothing To Declare. A Quiz In Aid Of Aldeby Church. Closing Date 30/04/19

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slickster | 17:29 Sat 20th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers
Answers contain one of the following words:- duck, love, nada, naught, nil, nix, none, nothing, nought, nowt and zero.

1) In the casino you can't bet on it. 4 letters.

2) Game played with pencil and paper. 6,3,7 letters.

3) English poet and novelist. 6,4,7 letters.

4) West Indian state. 9 letters.

5) A priest's basin used in masses. 10 letters.

6) You must solve this whether you like it or not. 5,5 letters.


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5 Aquamanile
18:07 Sat 20th Apr 2019
2 noughts and crosses
2.Noughts and crosses
3.Thomas Love Peacock
4 Grenada, if 7 letters
4 nearest I can find is Karnataka
Tamil Nadu is an Indian State but nadu is not nada.
6 Willy Nilly ?
5 Aquamanile
Just looked that up, Mamya. I think the setter has made a mistake as its a jug/ewer and not a basin.

Brilliant answer though!
Think it's the closest to it with that count.
//The definition of aquamanile in the dictionary is a medieval water vessel. Other definition of aquamanile is a basin used by a Roman Catholic priest to wash his hands during Mass.//

Thank you, Elliemay. I obviously didn't look at enough definitions.
You're welcome Tilly
Grenada is in the West Indies but it's only seven letters.
^ ^ @17.40
6 yes, willy nilly
whether one likes it or not.
"he would be forced to collaborate willy-nilly"
synonyms: whether one likes it or not, of necessity, necessarily;//
ELLIE, I was just seeing if you were paying attention...

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Nothing To Declare. A Quiz In Aid Of Aldeby Church. Closing Date 30/04/19

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