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Pendleside Dingbats C/D 31/8

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wildchild22 | 13:07 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on these last few film dingbats - any hints gratefully accepted:

11. ROBIN next to a list of SIR MICK SIR CLIFF SIR ELTON SIR PAUL - something about Robin and the four knights?

25. The word BOMB written downwards 3 times with the word HADES down the right - so it's something 'to hell' but can't find anything mentioning bombs

29. ATLANTIC and PACIFIC crossed with ANTARCTIC written down the RHS - across the oceans...?

31. BUNCH on top of CHUMB (with arrows to it) on top of BUNCH - clearly something to do with a 'mixed bunch' but again stuck at that point.

44. FLEET above GABRIEL - all the solutions I've seen address only one word, not both

45.. OCCPHIO - so cpi and ocho - 8th in the consumer price index??

48. VESINK - it has been mentioned it's an anagram of knives but that's as far as it's got

Thanks guys. You'll want the quiz after all this so here's the info:

Raising funds for Pendleside Hospice (Hospice Care for Burnley & Pendle)

51 Dingbats each of which represents the title of a well-known feature film

£30 First Prize
Closing date 31st August 2021

Available online:
Pay via PayPal ( and have the Dingbats emailed or posted to you. The minimum donations are £1.50 for an emailed copy or £2.50 for a posted copy.

And by post:
Send your donation – minimum £1 per copy – with cheques payable to Pendleside Hospice and a stamped self-addressed envelope to Mike Smith, Mount Sorrel, 273 Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 4HN



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45 pinocchio p in occiho
Noticed Danny answered Armada on 2 July, maybe you could ask how he got it?
11 knight and day?
31. May be The Wild Bunch if the middle M was an N.
48 The knives are out maybe
Oceans 11 for 29 maybe
48. There is a film just "Knives Out"

Out can be the anagram inducator
flying angel ?
Rocket (rock hit) Robin ?
11: Day for Night?

[1973 Truffaut]
Question Author
Many thanks all (and yes, 31 was a typo and should have read CHUNB).

Just Nos 25 and 44 to go (armada answers FLEET bit but not the GABRIEL and they were previously written so that one word of the clue was lost below lines/in the script).
25 bombshell
44 answered as Angel Express
Question Author
Thanks - you're all wonderful - what are you?
25 Bombshell?

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Pendleside Dingbats C/D 31/8

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