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Leprosy Mission Spring Quiz Closing 22Nd April

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Leecon | 16:13 Mon 18th Apr 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
23 Answers
Just a couple of queries and one answer that I am struggling to find and no-one else has queried?

A Novel Quiz
13. Put second vowel out of sight (5) - obviously I am trying too hard and haven't a clue!!

The other two have been asked but I don't understand the answers!
19. Associated with Northern Ireland: prepared to fire at houses - I have seen answered as County Armagh but can't see the connection? duuurrr!

75. Place for animals to get an alcoholic drink (6,3) - I have seen Animal Bar but animal is in the question - and Sherbet Dip but that has too many letters

I would be grateful for any help to put me out of my misery :o(
Thank you :o)


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13 Heidi
16:15 Mon 18th Apr 2022
13 Heidi
Sounds like hide e?
Question Author
Oh no Elliemay. So obvious, why am I so thick lol. Thank you :o)
You're welcome Leecon, hope it's right!
Question Author
Sounds ideal to me. Just a shame I couldn't get it, I think I was thinking too hard!
Have you any ideas about the other two?
Trying hard but can't come up with anything as yet
what's the theme?
The theme is 'novels'.
I thought that novels only referred to the first qn
Maybe Leecon can clarify.
if i remember rightly the ....75 is a sweet or chocolate
19 associated with n ireland
75 don't know if this helps but i found a ....choc jungle bar ....and also a safari bar
Question Author
Sorry all, I went offline for some reason?
The quiz is all in different sections
Q13 was a novel
Q19 is The Best of British but this specific question refers to Northern Ireland
Q75 was a Pick 'n' Mix section.

Mally, Safari Bar sounds good, thank you.

I'm still no wiser with Q19 being County Armagh - can anyone enlighten me??
In that case I can only think of Lion Bar for 75 but the letters are wrong.
Question Author
Yes Barry, that would be the obvious choice but no-one has even queried the question, let alone the letter count? I must be thinking too deeply on these I think - like the Heidi one LOL
i preferred jungle bar but it's not up to me lol x
the only connection i can offer for 19 is that Armagh sounds a bit like Armour.
Question Author
Thank you Mally, maybe you are right?

Winner, thank you but I still don't get the connection with prepare to fire??
I'm doubtful about Safari Bar, that is a chocolate bar made in India and not sold in the UK. Unless there is another Safari Bar I've never heard of.
and summer is someone who does sums x

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Leprosy Mission Spring Quiz Closing 22Nd April

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