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joycebrown | 18:02 Fri 04th Nov 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
20 Answers
Still struggling for these last two all help appreciated Lizzie's rhyming quiz.a needs to rhyme with b
16a quiz game(3.4)
16b name dropping in Monaco (6.5)


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was it quiz game or quiz show?
also seen it as just TV show- top gear, the wall, the cube..
something about Grace or Kelly for 16b?
yes you have posted 3 different clues for 16a. Which ones right?
also saw a question mark after Monaco.
Any thoughts to share to solve as a team?
mine were ? Kelly;
French Franc (play on name); (I know its not their money);
name dropping, is to Brag, Melvyn Bragg;
perhaps a name dropped into the word Monaco;
etc a page full but nothing yet.
very iffy
16a the jump
16b Donald Trump
prince Albert had a lot to say about him

bit iffy,
Name dropping might be a clue to the show called The Drop, which then links to Jurgen Klopp who wanted to sign a player from Monaco.
do we know the actual correct clue yet fpr 16a- we had different versions like quiz game, tv show, and tv game show
no I don't think we ever got an answer, which doesn't help.....
Bobb/ Definitely TV Quiz Show.
Has anyone solved this yet??
Not doing the quiz but I seen a post about 16a on another website which doesn't like this site that much.

"If anyone is doing this quiz, I have queried question 16 Part A
The answer To "TV Quiz Show" should be (3,5) letters NOT (3,4)

The dilemma is, do I tell the apparent hoards of people on AB desperately seeking the answer?
...............or should I let it play on my conscience for a while?"
I have been told by Lizzie that "The number count for the tv show, should read (3,5)"

Which changes things. The correct wording for Q16 is:
TV Quiz show (3,5)
Name dropping in Monaco? (6,5)

Does anyone have the answer for 6b Opposite of Pedigree (6) which rhymes with Capri
15a Peter Wright (9)
to rhyme with The house of Blue Lights?

15a snakebite ....nickname
the house of blue light ...deep purple album
16a Starring breaking dad with his son on TV
16b snapped with her dad this week, she is aka
16 The Chase / Saving Grace?
Jazmin Grace?

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