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Double 'D'

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queenviles | 13:37 Tue 23rd May 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
20 Answers
Double D. 6 1st/3rd st 11 two men's names with off spring 12 roadside gully 45 unsuccessful endeavour .57 liquid motoring. Thank you for any help.


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57 drink driving?
12 Dry Ditch
45 Dead Duck
45 dead duck
iffy David Dickinson?
queenviles, is off spring 2 separate words or should it be offspring?
Working on the back of Mallyh
David David Son could work.
6 Wondering if this would have any bearing on No's 1 & 3?
Question Author
11 off spring is down as two separate words but think it's probably meant to be one word.
Any ideas on No.6?
Is the St bit an abbreviation for street?
OP hasn't replied to Tilly's question re the "st".

If it is street - could be ...... Drive ?
All I can offer is driving downtown if streets are involved.
Queenviles -please let us know final answer when quiz answers are published - thanks.
Question Author
Thank you all for your help. Answer to your question it just written as 1st/3rd st so could be saint or street perhaps. Will let you know when quiz is marked.
there's a baseball term ....defence drills
defence drill stations^^^^
Damien (hirst) = 1st
Douglas (hurd) = 3rd

Long shot maybe ?
Question Author
Thank you all for your help. Have worked out answer to question 1st/3rd st . David's day. Always on 1st march and march 3rd month.
Well done. It might have been easier if the clue had stated St rather than st.
So easy, when you see the answer!

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Double 'D'

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