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How Much/Size Matters Quiz

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Polly162 | 11:44 Mon 26th Jun 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
15 Answers
The answers all relate to weights, measures (old and new), amounts, quantities or sizes.

1) An actress who earns liquid money? (4,9)
2) Sounds like breezy Celtic police (4,5)
3) What numerate bees produce (3,6,5)
4) Anyone's guess (3,4,2,1,5,2,6)
5) Small meals still lead to eggs (11)
6) A disco for muffins? (9)

Thanks for any help



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4 How long is a piece of string
6 A-bun-dance
3 all i can think of that is no where near letter count is ......hive of activity
3. six figure something?
I've been trying these too mallyh and can't get anywhere
1. Jill Gascoine? Jill instead of Gill and a letter short but it’s all I can think of. Is your letter count right?
i thought that naomi but gas isn't a liquid
what about Jill Halfpenny ?
That sounds good, The Winner
It is if it’s used as a word for petrol Mally - but TheWinner’s answer is better.
credit goes to you naomi24 for the push in the right direction.
2. Gale force
3. The pollen count
5. Some expansion of Supernovae to fill the word count ?

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How Much/Size Matters Quiz

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