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F On A 4 C

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Brunobru | 21:41 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
7 Answers

Diffney Quiz Holly Bough 2023

No.13 F on A 4 C



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Firing on All 4 Cylinders. ? 
05:10 Tue 07th Nov 2023

Firing on All 4 Cylinders. ?


great answer Fibonacci.

Stuck on a few

19. 5 L W in a W

28. A L 3 by F A

31. T O 1 S in D

35. 60 S i S E (gaeilge)

50. F F 5 thy F L

55. 4 D on a P, a G-B B

Think you may be better starting your own post, CJ9419

31 There's only one street in Drumcolliher (Percy French)


I remember answering this either last year or the year before!

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Thank You so much for the answer it was wrecking my brain..still have a few to go.

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No. 50 Full Fathom Five thy Father lies.

No.55 4 Ducks on a Pond a Grass-Bank Beyond

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F On A 4 C

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