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The K M Links Game - November 2023 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 01:55 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - our lovely days continue- I know, it's getting to be a bore, but the nasty stuff will turn up soon enough and then I'll be bleating miserably 😢😢

As for the links - they continue to be a challenge but this week we were on the ball ....

Leap Frog

Bit Part

Bath Towel

Drive Through

The Star turn came from CricDram who collected six points for three correct matches and added the Bonus points for Bath Towel and took himself to the top of the score board with 8 points....way to go, mate !!
Andres, Doof45 and Mozz71 all picked up three points for two correct matches plus a considerable sprinkling of single points made for a pretty successful round.

So the Leaderboard looks like this -

8 points - CricDram 

4 points - Doof45, Glarus, Mozz71 & toaster.

3 points - 9 players

2 points - 15 players 

1 point - 17 players 

Looking pretty good from the aspect of an empty Club room as well, I should be able to go through with the front end loader easily !!

Well done all the points scorers - we're heading for a very tidy ending to the month - till next week, stay safe and take care, Cheers Steff xx 😘 




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Yeah escapee!

so long fellow sweeping upper's 😜

Thank you Seekeerz Xx 

Wishing you the weather you deserve ❤️

Question Author

Thanks Arky 🥰🥰

My early entry followed the usual nosedive,

enjoyed the cricket, tough bunch to beat

the Aussies don't we know it.

Question Author

It was a good match, wasn't it, 😁


Obv. celebrating the cricket too much :-) Might need a recalculation I think for CricDram this week?


Drill BIT

BATH Towel


Question Author

Not with you Fibonacci - CricDram had the first three matches - 6 points for three correct plus Bonus points (2) for  Bath Towel - 8 points. Hope this clarifies for you 😊

Don't know what happened to my entry, I'm sure it posted on Saturday, no matter would only have been one point, sorry to say CricDram I agree with Fibonacci 

Hi Steff -  Cricdram actually did have Drill bit and hard drive instead of bit part and drive through, so he had leap frog and bath towel correct, so I guess this would alter the score . Carry on with your great work it's a nightmare job. Xxx

Question Author

OMG I must be losing it - apologies all round, will rectify next week, but still puts CricDram ahead on 5 points.


Hi All - Just checked in to see the conversations. I only got 1 correct link Leap Frog  + bonus points for Bath Towel but not sure how points work. It is far better than I normally do so I'm delighted.

Question Author

Well done, CricDram - I'm so delighted when a player picks up a nice number of points and very pleased for you ...the scoring goes like this ....

1 correct, - 1 point 

2 correct -  3 points 

3 correct - 6 points 

4 correct - 10 points

plus 2 Bonus points if a player correctly picks a match that no one else does, ie Bath Towel, so three points for your two correct matches plus two Bonus = 5 points.

Sorry about the mix up with the second match, don't know where I was coming from with that one 😳🤔

what kind of mickey mouse club are you running down under.. get a grip.

Weather the storm Steph! Xx

Question Author

More Big Ears and Noddy I think 🤔  !!

perhaps I should go back to primary school, learn how to read or summat !! 🤡

You went to school... good one.😉

I'm gona be dismayed if you take my leap-frog a away


I came back to share my last Hob-nob with you. Xx

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The K M Links Game - November 2023 Week 3 Results

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