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Tuesday November 21St 2023

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greyhoundlady | 16:07 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I've been working on this on and off for a few days and am struggling with my final four.

The girl bottom left carrying a book.

The books that all reference Troy

The door sign

The wedding portrait 

Any hints would be appreciated,thank you 



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You haven't said what you've been working on- name of quiz, theme etc. Sounds like a picture quiz

is there a link of the quiz x

You need to type the title of the quiz and the closing date in the top line and the questions in the box. An explanation of the theme of the quiz would be helpful to. 

Ooh forgot - You don't need to type todays date anywhere as the computer will tell us that. 

Looks like the Hidden Books quiz - National book tokens.

Question Author

Ha ha, sorry the most important bit.

Its the hidden books puzzle from National book tokens .

4. They are married - they are in love.

the girl bottom left clue, starts with her name, (beginning with K) and the (picture on T shirt).

2.  opposite of "the men" + of + the last word of your question.

3. door sign clue.  Opposite of closed + the name of the liquid on the floor. 

4. you have the first and the third word correct in your question.

the second word rhymes with "carriage"

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Tuesday November 21St 2023

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