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Seasonal Cryptic Quiz

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maggieriorda | 18:32 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm hopeless at cryptic quizzes.  I know several of you are a whizz at these and enjoy a challenge.  Very grateful for any help with these please.

1. pleasure in Ankara (7, 7)

2. Grasp a confused magus (6)

3. Foggy French digis (9)

4. Smiths car involved in festival (9)

5. 12-o'clock accmulation (8, 4)

6. A B C D E F G H I J  K  M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (4)

7. They're wicked (7)

8. Quiet Sir Lancelot (6, 5)

9. Short girl turns the French material under here (9)

10. Ice crystals now managed and formed (7)

11. Santa's sack-load (8)

12. Raiments of monarch seized by retreating highlanders (9)

13. Three consecutive strikes and  you're roasted (6)

14. Rearranged silent worthless tree adornment (6)

15. Uncoordinated coordinates (11)

16. Derogatory constabulary w rapped up w arm in the oven (4, 2, 8)

17. At year's end/beginning mahogany is sculpted (8)

18. I'm top name in fairytale show (9)

19. Sung in orca roll or at your door (5) ....carol?  Did I get one right?

20. Character whose 'own goal' contributes a bad score

21. fireworks on the dinner table? Mad? (9)

22. One's present arrangements could well depend on it (9, 4)

23. Polar present producers (5)

24. Team driver starting on pole (5, 5)

25. Money and drink - one tast of Christmas (5, 5)

26.  hristmas scene (8)

27. Winston initially performing rhythmic monologue with musical backing in the Sun (8, 5)

28. Endlessly intertwined foliage round in the war perhaps (6)

29 . Incense made some balmy 'R' rodium (5)

30. Girl's name for army manoevres (4)





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25. I've got BREAD SAUCE


stuck on one = 9. short girl turns the french material under here (9)

It does seem a bit cheeky to ask for all the answers without attempting them yourself.  Look at some of the answers you have been given to see if you can work them out. That will be a learning curve for you and next time you might surprise yourself and answer some yourself. Have a go. 

9 Seems to be the same answer as 3 (for different reasons, different parsing).

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