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cran275 | 15:11 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers

Marks & Spencer competition Add A letter in today's press and journal paper page 25 can somebody help with the Answers please & thank you








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To other ABers, add one letter to the given words, so that when anagrammed, the answer is linked to the following clues. (I have the answer, but will let someone else have a go this week). Make a note of each letter added, as it makes the overall answer word when read down.  (not anagrammed)

1.  TAPE   meat spread                            =

2.  LUDO  audibly                                    =

3.  ALTO   claw                                         =

4.  GALE   clearing in a wood                   =

5.  DILL     scene of innocent, 

                  usually rustic, pleasure         =

Captain2, elliemay1, mallyh ???

1 paste

3 talon

4 glade

5 idyll

2 aloud

sandy ?

Agree with 'sandy' but isn't the answer usually a product?

correct bookbinder

thats what I get mallyh.

there was confusion over the posting last week, no one understood what was required.

the letters added were;  S  A  N  D and  Y

cran275 our answer is SANDY

I don't know how long this competition lasts, but might be each week until near Christmas.

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