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Shelter Box - Clues Only Please - Westerns

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granny grump | 20:15 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can you help with the following

2. Overrun x 2 + compass direction (3 4 4 4 )

10. Hoodlum sounds like shortened name + E country towards the right edge of Europe (3 6 5 5)

26. Story of Eve's bears (3 4 3 5 2  5)

28. Nonconformist (9)

40. Murderer offree short curtain (3 3 3 4 7 7)

49. Sounds like flying aerial machine wandering (4 6 7) 



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49.  It is high;  it is in the sky and it is drifting.

26 a man who lives with a bear ...if there's one more 5 letter word

Question Author

Sorry Q26 answer count should be (3 4 3 5 2  6 5)


40 the last word is also a type of bed sheet 

28. Could be he is desperate?

2.  It's not the East but it's the twice untamed opposite.

Q26 the six letter has been changed to seven

Not sure but think  .....  he's a fugitive , name short for Josephine and country.  The letter count fits!


for 26 the clue is: starts with The (plus).....(you are 90 BUT, you have been happy,all of your L???) plus AND, plus (2pm and 4pm), OF G A.  The last word is the maiden name of Victoria Beckham.

2. starts with The, plus the opposite of the word tame, (said twice), plus the opposite of East.

Some clues have already been given!!

28. good clue from Hazlinny. Is also a song by The Eagles.

40.  starts with two words opposite of "the woman" , next word comes after a well known tv programme called "Doctor ???" , a small drink, last two words begin L and V.

49.  opposite word to low, you fly on these, (but its a different spelling), last word is drifter.  Clint Eastwood+Verna Bloom+Marianna Hill+Mitch Ryan.

10.  I think this could be:  THE +opposite of IN-LAW+(shortened version of) JOSEphine but including an "Y"+not England, Ireland or Scotland .... but part of the UK.

Question Author

All absolutely  brilliant clues thank you You all deserve best answer 

Just checking before emailing it off and I  missed one

12. Sore from a day of riding (7)



some people like their steak cooked ??? + ???? & seek

^^^ sorry, first part of my 'clue' is wrong, I got mixed up with 'rare'.

Reverse the word WAR for the first part 

Question Author

Thank you Captain2

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Shelter Box - Clues Only Please - Westerns

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