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The K M Links Game - December 2023 Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:56 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and Happy New Year 🥳 

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes, I hope 2024 will be a spectacularly good year for everyone !!
And on to the links ..... much easier than I thought 

Throw Back

Bore Cole.  (had to look that one up)

Positive Pole

Trench Coat

All matches were found and no Bonus points handed out so you were all on the right track - Arksided and Haras2 both managed a double hitter of their own with two correct for three points each and almost everyone else picked up a point to add to their tally.

Much as I think (hope) it was enjoyed, I think we'll keep this for special occasions.....weddings, funerals, coronations and the like .....maybe Easter might be a good time to dust it off 🙄

Ok I'm off to do the score board now, I'll return shortly....




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Ha. Eight guesses and still naff all! Let's hope that 2024 is better!

Question Author

The Leader Board for December 

6 points - Reenie, rockfordill & Sam1960 ....I trust you all to share the throne nicely, well done 😀

5 points - Arksided, jollyroger66, lysander, scorpiojo & wickedtongue.

4 points - abi77, kettledrum, & twix123.

3 points - Candice Marie, Chiefpanda, Fibonacci, Glarus, Mrs G, Haras2, hazlinny, JJ109, mallyh, modeste, Muzz, Patsy33, seekeerz, & tearinghair.

2 points - brizzer, Buenchico, CricDram, Elliemay1, johnnie.5, Joolz, Lady Jo, roslyn251254, SharonA, toaster & wildfish. 

1 point - anikomo, cashier, cliffyg, Doof45, Canary42, Countrylover, carucoocoo, MargoTester, Mozz71, sadielady, teacher1 & weecalf.

I hope I've not missed anyone out, Congratulations to all the points scorers this month, and next week we'll start a new game in a new year....till then, stay safe and take care Cheers, Steff xx 😘 😘


Question Author

Never mind, Mozz, you're on the scoreboard so no cleaning duties for you 🤗

Thanks steff for all you do, you're an absolute star. 😉😉

Well done Reenie & rockfordill.


Happy New Year Steff 

Hope 2024 is a good one for you

Take care, stay safe



Thanks Steff.

Think I did get 1 point on week 4 for holly hock and so you have omitted me from score board, but my mum Reenie more than pleased to be among top scorers this month thank you so much x

Happy New year SeekeerzXx

A double hitter for me 🎈🎉 I haven't had one of them since... 🤔 
Five points think that's the highest all year for me just escaping with one or two points.

Well done all the point scorers Happy New Year to you all Xx

Question Author

Oh heck....sorry karamia.....I missed that one completely.....and I didn't drink on Christmas Day so I can't plead inebriation 😩

Wow!  Two whole points! Things are looking up!

Thanks, Steff, and Happy New Year!

Happy new year seekeerz Thank you ? Ended with an and weecalf for end of year .im happy with that .Take care everyone and a Happy New Year 

Question Author

Are you all still up celebrating?? 

Thank you skz. Best wishes to you and everyone here for 2024.

Thanks Steff. 2 points better than nothing!!

Happy New year to you & all!!

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The K M Links Game - December 2023 Week 5 And Final Results

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