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Winter 2023/24 Quiz For Romanian Aid .C/D 9Th March

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mrsmaggot | 14:40 Sat 13th Jan 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am completely stuck on the historical anniversaries in 2023 section of this quiz . I have spent soooo much time on this and now hit the wall!

The ones I'm stuck on are :- 
48) The GFA

53) B of ALW

54) B's first S 

55) First JB novel 

59) F of DBS

60) First E of DW

The years I am left with are 50 (1973) 60(1963) 70 (1953) two of  75 (1948 )and 100 (1923) 

providing of course the ones I've got an answer for are correct!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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First episode of doctor who?

That matches with 1963

53 - 1948 birth of Andrew Lloyd Webber



55. ? 1923 1st JB Priestly novel 

55. First James Bond novel - Casino Royale 1953 ?

^^ Priestley  (spelling)

54. Beethoven's first (piano) Sonata -  published 1783?

I should have read to the end of your post, mrsmaggot, apologies.

54 Blondie's first single? But that was 1976 not 1973.

Maybe it's another band (not The Beatles )


48. Good Friday Agreement 25th anniversary 

1983 was Britain's First Sextuplets- but 1983 isn't on the list of remaining years

Question Author

Thankyou - the Good Friday agreement for 25 is a good answer, I had already used the 25 for no 49) D of PP (and had death of Pol Pot.)  So does anyone know what D of ZpP could be for any of the sn I I have left . Thanks

Question Author

Apologies D of  PP

1973 Death of Pablo Picasso

Question Author

I now have 50(1973) 75(1948) and 100 ( 1923) left 

Question Author

Thank you for pablo Picasso ! 

To clarify : The only ones I have left now are

54) B's first S and  59) F of DBS 

and the anniversaries  left are a 75 (1948) and 100  (1923)

I am also struggling with this. Can you help with 

No.47 First solo C of the G

No.51 C's first T C

No.52 Opening of T T

My missing years are 50 (1973), 100 (1923) and 125 (1898)  Many thanks.


47 First solo circumnavigation of the globe 1898

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Winter 2023/24 Quiz For Romanian Aid .C/D 9Th March

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