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Help Please Wild Flower Quiz

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knittingnana | 17:59 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
8 Answers

Help needed please

1 craven unfettered conflict

2 immoral daring character

3 irrate after giving a very bite

4reduced respected old person to fine particles 

also celebrity late queens misplacement of insect

( I'm thinking that may be star of Bethlehem, but cant see how the insect comes in.

no letter numbers


thanks Again




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1 yellow loosestrife 
20:06 Thu 01st Feb 2024

3   What should 3 be please? 

4    Ground elder

1 yellow loosestrife 

2   Scarlet pimpernel?

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Thanks for your help still stuck on the celebrity one and no 3 is irritate after giving a very sharp bite.

thank you

3 stinging nettle??

Question Author

Thanks all 

I spent some time thinking about these yesterday and getting nowhere. I was hoping someone might have come up with the answers. My train of thought had been:

The celebrity one might start with Star but the only wild flower I can find is Star of bethlehem but can't make the rest of clue fit (except end of our late queen's name is beth)

The bite one I was playing with something that starts with snap like snapdragon or ends with rattle (irritate) like yellow rattle but neither fits both haves of the clue.

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Help Please Wild Flower Quiz

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