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Fao - The K M Players

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seekeerz | 01:24 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
6 Answers

Here are today's shaded clues for you -

32d A vast pelagic expanse, originally regarded as enclosing Earth's single landmass, or  any immense extent (5)

38d A word for sorcery, charm or enchantment, conjuring, illusion etc (5)

51d A goutte of liquid, or a fall, lowering or plummet of a bomb etc (4)

53d A compartment for cargo etc (4)




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Good MorningOceanMagicDropHold
01:26 Sat 03rd Feb 2024

Good Morning









Question Author

Looks good to me JJ, tough one haras, 😐 


Bit late for the brain 😊

^^^ Well done, JJ109 (and, indeed, Haras2).

However I normally only get grumpy at the end of each weekend.  Now I'm getting grumpy at the start of it because 'pelagic' and 'oceanic' are most definitely not synonyms!  (What was "originally regarded as enclosing Earth's single landmass" was Panthalassa but that's got rather more than 5 letters and very little indeed to pair with it anyway!)

The clues get odder week by week!

Question Author

You're not wrong, Chris and usually I do cut a bit out if it's not relevant....tackling the whole crossword used to be a pleasure now it's more wading through treacle 🤔🙄😵‍💫

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Fao - The K M Players

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