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Peterborough Guild Bellringers Quiz - 28 February

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bluebell56 | 21:46 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Struggling with the last one in the Centenary Round Section. 2024 is the Guild Centenary year so this section is a round about centuries and hundreds. The question is:

No.5 In each direction, a slightly smaller square puzzle. 

Any suggestions greatfully received.  Thank you. 



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Please could you give an example of another clue and answer - might help?

Question Author

Hazlinny. Others include. Which county would you find the Hundred of Hoo? (Kent), What is the tile value of the word century in scrabble? (12). Who was the original presenter of Sale of the Century (Nicholas Parsons) and so on.... 

Hope that helps you. This one has me completely puzzled. 

Thanks ... they look quite easy but this one  ...?

I can only think that in each direction could be N E W S or whatever.

same here


Question Author

Yes I agree. We were thinking Rubik Cube but that doesn't work as it was invented in 1974. How could you use N E W S into a puzzle though?  

Another thought is the compass?

the only word I could come up with that incorporated NEWS,  was Sewn, (perhaps patchwork quilt) which maybe a small square puzzle, but doesn't work on the parsing.

You've given me an idea, TheWinner - could be the 100 years Tapestry ?? ... or maybe not!

Question Author

Thank you both for your suggestions. This is a pig of a question!

When it says 'a slightly smaller square puzzle' it suggests a reference to a square puzzle previously. Was there any reference to this in an earlier qn?

Question Author

No not at all elliemay1. Thank you so much for helping. 


Defo. NEWS

Question Author

Coralann. Can you explain how it works with the connection to a smaller square puzzle. Thank you.

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Peterborough Guild Bellringers Quiz - 28 February

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