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Sharon638 | 19:36 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
26 Answers

Gives a womens name 6 letters,gives a womens name 5 letters, gives a womens name 4letters



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what are the numbers?

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Does it say what type of thing the nine-letter word is?

what does niner mean? is it a quiz? a magazine? a local quiz? can we see it, so we can help?

Is it just a nine-letter word with no repeating letters again?

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No it doesn't say what kind of word it is.No double letters in 9 letter word

we still don't know what niner means. 

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A niner is when you work out each answer you transfer them in to the appropriate number box to make a nine letter word. Hope that helps

no it doesn't help. we need to know which paper/magazine its in, preferably with the page number,so we can look it up.

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Its in the derby evening telegraph, page 27

that info is perfect! Now I've found it. Don't know if I can solve it though.

Sorry wrong thread

all i can come up with 




9 letter word pantheism

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Well done mallyh

can you let us know the answer when you get it as i don't think i'm right x

MALLY, that is the answer, you've done well!

thankyou ,i don't have the paper x

Question Author

Gold star to mallyh.The answer was right 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

MALLY, I wasn't implying I had seen the answer in the paper but I have also been working on it and your solution fits the clues.

SHARON, is it a weekly quiz?

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