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Waffle 29Th Feb

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Countrylover | 01:29 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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5 stars yesterday.  None today.  Such is life. 



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no - but you clicked it & the site recognised that you had already played.

Only the Eds can amend posts, Barsel

Dave, I think I know what you mean. So it recognises I had already played the game so it showed the answers but if someone hadn't played the game, it would just show blank squares, is that what you mean?

Question Author

All I did surely was to answer Steffs question??

Lottie, when I clicked on the link you put on for Steff, it came up on my screen with all the answers, but I think what Dave is trying to tell me is that's because I had already done it.

As you know, I've never understood this game and how it works even though others do.

So no problems caused, just me not understanding.

Question Author

Don't worry Barsel.  No problems.  I  was confused confused too.  All I was trying to do is to show Steff which waffle we do.  There are others.  I doubt very much whether others will open it.

Question Author

It's only a game!!

Ok clicking onto Lottie's link showed my last game, so we're on the right track ....I clicked onto 'share' ....what do I hit to copy to clipboard ? assuming this is correct and please I'm very dumb when it comes to copy and paste etc ....any help much appreciated xx

Steff, when you finish doing waffle, you click onto Share and that puts it on your clipboard.

You then come onto here and Your Answer and paste it in the box then click onto Answer Now.

Hope that explains it ok for you.

Thank you Barsel, that makes sense except where is my clipboard ? Told you I was dumb 

BARSEL, I didn't say you posted the link but I was responding to your saying it shows the answers.

Anyone clicking on it sees only what  they have already done on that day's puzzle.

I'm not sure you can actually see a clipboard as such, so I would have to say, when you click onto share, it saves it onto the invisible clipboard until such time as you paste it onto something. 😃 Try it later and see what happens. The thing is, we all seem to use different devices. I use a desktop computer as I find it easier to use than any of the other devices.

It's ok Corby, I understand it now.😄

On my 'phone, after clicking on, "share" , I get various options including, "copy" and I need to click on that before posting.

The "clipboard" is just the name for where the things you copy are stored.

If you copy and paste something, it's stored on the clipboard in between the copy and paste actions.

No doubt you've done it without thinking too much about it.

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Waffle 29Th Feb

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