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Water Aid Initial Thoughts C/D 30/04

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Peasblossom | 19:33 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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12) he was left- handed but played a standard right-handed guitar. He simply flipped the guitar and played it upside down 5,1,(1,1)4

57) Hosted by Groucho Marx as a contestant on the TV show "You bet your life" 5,5,(1,1)8

Any help gratefully appreciated 



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12 Riley B  (BB) King

Question Author

Thank you mallyh struggling with this one

57 Cecil Scott (C.S) Forester

Question Author

Thank you petland

Struggling with No.11. It is said that the only green thing he eats is mint chocolate chip ice cream 6.8.(1.1.)5.

Any help would be appreciated.

Question Author

Still struggling with no's 11 and 14 Cornishboy

11 Robert Lawrence (R.L) Stine

great answer petland!

And thanks from me Petland for No  11.

Would never have got that. 

Question Author

thank you petland 

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Water Aid Initial Thoughts C/D 30/04

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