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Local Church Quiz - C/D 5 April

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granny grump | 19:07 Mon 18th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Helping a friend finish quiz - any help gratefully received - no number of letters given

Round 1 - eclectic mix

3.This same word can not only be found in an orchestra but can also be used to represent something else

12. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing it,but see if you can bring to mind this song from a musical based on  a 1939 poetry collection by T S Eliot

Round 3 - All about Jazz

1. A famous jazz saxophonist's nickname could be a locomotive, a sprinter, or be driven by steam - (nickname & real name)


Round 4 - Cryptic  Mindbender no 1s

1. Wishes for the newly married couple

6. Stardom

8. Forever you will be in my heart

9. Always remember

10. O oh that was a repeat by myself






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12 Memory from Cats ?

12.  Memory, from the musical Cats.

6   Fame

Round 1

3 cymbal/symbol ??

8   I will always love you.

9    Never forget.

10.Oops I Did It Again.

6. Fame

1. Congratulations

1.  Julian "Cannonball" Adderley ???

Question Author

Thank you all for your help

Thank you TheWinner she has Julian ' Cannonball' Addersley for:

No 6. This famous US jazz saxophonist active in the years 1955 to 1975had an explosive nickname


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Local Church Quiz - C/D 5 April

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