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Water Aid - An Initial Thought C/D 30 April

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granny grump | 17:33 Mon 25th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last 1 - please can you help - answer is person / animal who is usually known by their initials and surname rather than their given name

14.When he was 17 he got matching tattoo with his sister and mother as a tribute to his famil



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Could it be Justin Timberlake (J T) he had a tattoo at 17 for his sister that died at birth with his mums initials .

Q14,  the number of letters are:  6, 5, 10  (3 first names)   (2) one initial of 2 letters ? if it follows pattern of all other questions,  and    3, number of letters in surname

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Thank you mallyh - a very good suggestion - so sorry unfortunately I forgot to give the letter count

6 5 10 (2) 3

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Thank you ninnynanny

the 3 could be the  III americans have a lot of so so the III

His middle name is randall so the letter count does not match ?

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Water Aid - An Initial Thought C/D 30 April

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