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Fruit And Vegetables

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baddaboy | 10:11 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers

24. Room below & ask

35. This lady fell into the river

42. Door opener with ladies group

46. Body part with road surface was not out

50. onee of five with snake sound

53. More than one animal digit



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24 celerY? -cellar + Y (why)

42 kiwi

42 Kiwi = key + W.I.

53 pawpaw

50 quince

46 nectarine

^neck tar in

46 nectarine

35(of) shallot

clementine? (Clem in Tyne?)

Shallot  is much better (Clem is a boy's name so ignore my Clem in Tyne))

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Thanks All

35: 'Clementine'

The reference to Newmodarmy's 'The Tyne' works well but also.....

Extract from lyrics to 'My Darling Clementine'

… Drove she ducklings to the water
Every morning just at nine
Hit her foot against a splinter
Fell into the foaming brine

… Ruby lips above the water
Blowing bubbles soft and fine
But alas, I was no swimmer
So I lost my Clementine

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Fruit And Vegetables

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