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glenlass | 17:38 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers

Dingbats clues

5 "I'll get it" underlined and the word "it" is under the box underneath.

11 "Economy" is the word across the box, the letters start small and get bigger, with two lines on each side of the letters. 

8 "Ground" underlined and three feet underneath in the box.


hope you can understand this please.








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5 I'll get over it
17:45 Thu 11th Apr 2024

5 I'll get over it

8 Are there only 3 feet? Not six feet underground?

11 growing economy

Question Author

Three feet in the picture

8 i'm thinking something with yard(3 feet) in answer 

Are there any footprints?

Question Author

Scorpiojo, there are pictures of three feet, not footprints




Shallow grave?

iffy land on you feet

or plant ones feet

will you let us know when you get answer x

Question Author

I'll do that if I get answers 

thank you

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