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Fao - The K M Players

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seekeerz | 00:17 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
15 Answers

Here are today's shaded clues for you -

43a Term for a collection/digest of laws, later a secret system of signals,, symbols or words, aka a cipher (4)

7d Type if landform ranging in size from a mountain to a mole tump (4)

33d A word meaning 'to shut' hence a shut-in courtyard, lane, small field or a cathedrals surrounding precinct (5)

50d A natterjack or related batrachian whose Latin name Bufo also means black tincture in alchemy (4)




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Thanks Steff and good evening all.43a. Code7d. Hill ?33d. Close50d. Toad
00:19 Sat 13th Apr 2024

Thanks Steff and good evening all.

43a. Code

7d. Hill ?

33d. Close

50d. Toad

Code Hill Close toad












Question Author

Good morning folks, well  done twix, hope everyone is well 🤗

Hope you are too, Steff 🤗

Hi Steff. Not quite all well nowadays. I'm not around so much, as my wife was diagnosed last summer with Dementia, which is now affecting my mental health also, being her primary carer. I must get a copy of DTC's book detailing how he has coped with his mother's illness for some guidelines.


Question Author

Very sorry to hear that twix, very hard for you to cope with as well - do you have family who could help close by ?
Having read bits of DTC's book I see he's managed to retain his soh in a difficult situation ....essential.

This getting old lark is not much fun, so I'm finding 🙀

Hi Steff.

Our daughter is not too far away, but she has a 16 year old daughter to keep an eye on.  Her 30 year old son has 3 boys of his own, of which 2 are austistic (not too sure about the youngest yet) and another on the way soon, a daughter who has been diagnosed as having Spina Bifida, although he tries to help me when my wife goes 'sundowning', as does my daughter.
My PSA levels are currently raised for a man of my age, so being checked on a regular basis, plus I have recently developed a hernia, which is keeping me off the golf course ( although I can't leave my wife alone for enough time to enjoy a full round of 18 holes!).

C'est la vie!

In case it helps . . .

I wouldn't worry too much about your elevated PSA score though. Mine was 135 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (which was incurable, having spread into my bones and lymph nodes) four years ago but (much to the annoyance of many people on AB, no doubt!) I'm still here!


It's not been a good time for Haras2 lately either.  Please see her post here:

I hope that all's well with you in upside-down-land anyway though 😊


^^^ Making that link 'clickable':


Question Author

Oh my dear, you really have a lot to cope with, as does your family .....dementia is such a sad thing for all concerned, especially the primary carer.  Are you eligible for any govt help, though seeing the state of your nhs etc I guess any assistance would be hard to come by.

Try to keep in touch if you can - we're losing too many of our stalwarts ....rockfordill seems to have slipped off the radar lately.

Question Author

Thanks Chris for that update, I can well imaging how haras is feeling, utterly Shady and hugs to haras.

My thanks to you all for the kind thoughts - life can be hard for us all, one way or another.....

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Fao - The K M Players

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