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Trusthorpe The “B” Quiz. C/D 30/4/24

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Kaishe48 | 23:06 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi, I'm having real problems with the following questions, could someone help me please?

All answers begin with B.  No letter count.

25.  Seven squared, double bend, alcohol counter - confusion 

34.   1Z + 3E + 3B + 50U

44.   A's + 3B + 1R + one other letter - rearranged 

many thanks 



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34 Beelzebub (50U = 50 U = LU)

25 Basil ??

49 = IL + S bend + BA(Blood Alcohol Count)

Question Author

JJ109 - thank you very much. I wasn't even on the same page!  Great answers. Appreciate your help. Kaishe48 

44 Barabbas if there are meant to be 2xAs and the one other letter is an S

Please note for Q25 that whilst most people think that 49 in Roman numerals is IL, being pedantic, it is actually XLIX.


Question Author

Thank you jj109.  You have been such a help and it's much appreciated.  I love this quiz but sometimes I feel so silly when these type of questions come up and I don't have a clue!   Thank you again, happy quizzing!  Kaishe48 

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Trusthorpe The “B” Quiz. C/D 30/4/24

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