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Chatteris Brownies 31/05

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matron 22 | 14:15 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
7 Answers

Answers are countries, landmarks etc

2.Online shopping perhaps,was amazing at the start(6)

10. Mail and send letters (5,3)

23. Lady has cuppa on the ground (8)

thnks for any help



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23 She T land

2 Amazon?

10 maiL AND SEND

Struggling on

11) Ascend 5th backward insect (5,4)

15) TV station maybe & under water burrow (7,6) I have Mariana Trench but probably way out.

Any help gratefully appreciated 

11 Mount Etna

15 Channel Tunnel

Thank you mallyh considering I come from the area in Kent, didn't even think of it

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Chatteris Brownies 31/05

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