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Avatars On Answerbank?

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Ludocruz | 00:38 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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So there I was, hoping to personalise my avatar but saw this info under "view your profile" 🤔 

"New users do not have immediate access to an Avatar, but after a short introductory period you will be able to set your own Avatar.

You may connect with Gravatar in -1137 days and after 10 more legitimate posts."

1137 days is over three years. That's not very inclusive 😜

Anybody know a way around this please?




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are you sure that's not minus 1137 days? ie 2021 sometime? I'm pretty sure the waiting time isn't long.

I can't remember exactly how it all works but someone should be able to give you definitive advice.

Question Author

Hmm. I'll investigate further....🤔thank you.🙏

I am sure it is -1137 days, you've been a member over three years

Just another one of those little things that needs fixing around here.

It's what endears the place to so many, like a classic car owned by somebody working full time, slightly neglected.

Question Author

Thank you for the advice on this. I'll endeavour to create one later.

@Douglas9401. Love your analogy 🙏

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Avatars On Answerbank?

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