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The K M Links Game - April 2024 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 02:54 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - another Monday rolls around and the usual routine gets going .....still trying to get my head around doing everything two hours earlier than it was last month means I'm scoring at 8.30 instead of eating my toast ....doesn't bode well, I don't function without food 🥘 

Ok now for the matches ...

Clothes Peg

Oxygen Tent

Rock Dove

Pull Strings

A bit light on in the scoring front, but ARKSIDED picked up the Bonus points for Pulling Strings for a total of 3, otherwise it was all single points and mostly for Clothes Pegs ...

The Leaderboard 

5 points - Moorea7 

4 points - Chiefpanda, Haras2 and lysander.

3 points - Arksided and tearinghair.

2 points -  elliemay1, hazlinny, JJ109, karamia and weecalf.

1 point - 20 players 

Congratulations to all the points scorers this week, and as next week is the last for the month, thinking caps 🧢 will have to go on !!
Till then, stay safe and take care Cheers Steff 😘😘




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Phew! Lucky escape at last, I don't think I've ever had a unique correct guess before... woo-hoo. 🕺🎶🎉

Well done all the point scorers.

Thank you SeekeerzXx

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The K M Links Game - April 2024 Week 3 Results

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