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wolf63 | 20:43 Tue 30th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Countrylover (Lottie) has been in touch with me and asks me to pass on a message.

She says that she misses her friends on AB but she is sorry to say she won't be returning.

The site has had a few toxic moments lately (my words, not hers) and there is not as much light hearted chatter and nonsense.

She will still visit the site to see what is going on but doesn't intend to post anything.I





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don't blame her.

Sorry to hear that - maybe she will see this - it's for her birthday which I remember was sometime in April as mine was. Willie Nelson is one of her favourites. x



Awe that's a shame... leaving me with these ragamuffins.
On the bright side slightly increases my chances of BA on wordle.

Thank you Susan.

Thank you for the update, Susan - I'm very sorry Lottie has had to make that decision, she will be greatly missed, please give her my best regards and hope she's well xx

That's a shame. The Wordle thread is always pleasant. Best wishes to Lottie.

I'm sorry to see that Lottie doesn't feel she can return, please pass on my best wishes to her when you can, Wolfy.

What a shame my best wishes go to her.

Question Author

She will be looking in so she will see your messages.

I am sorry to hear that - I hope she will reconsider. 

Good morning - thought I'd pop into AB to see if there's any interesting news and see that Lottie will still be looking in, but sadly not posting. Come on Lottie, there are lots of ABer's who enjoy reading your posts, so just ignore the ones that don't seem very welcoming. In the meantime, keep well. 🐕

She said that a while back, didn't she? Was it you who posted the previous message for her?

Sorry, just noticed the date of the OP.

Hi Barry - hope you're well. I don't venture into AB much these days, but thought I would today. I hope Lottie manages to read my previous message, as it's a shame she doesn't want to post anymore. 😑

I hope you're being busy in a good way, smudge. Roll on summer 🌞 

Thanks Baz. I/we've been busy in the garden and going out for drives in the countryside on the sunnier days. It's freezing here in Bedfordshire today though!   

It's 11 degrees here just now.  🥶


It's only 14c here, but feels more like -14c...! The sun's trying to peep through, so hope it's nice for the weekend. :o)

wolf63 - Sorry for nattering on your post. ;o)

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