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Music Quiz - Song Title 1970S/1980S

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Billy58 | 08:50 Wed 22nd May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
37 Answers

The question is a hand-drawn picture it's a 1970s or 1980s song.

Any suggestions ?. Thanks for any help



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Get It On?

Into the Groove? ......Madonna

Question Author

Thanks fleshpots & mallyh

Two good answers. Can anyone please help me with these two?

12. another picture. Two round signs drawn diagonally, one with arrow pointing up and the other pointing right, with the word'or' between them. (answer a song title.)

28. Play your .......... blue. (missing word is music related)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

28. didgeridoo.. from tie me kangaroo down sport.

Up The Junction?

Reminder to post name of the quiz and the closing date when posting quiz questions. 

12. One Way or Another - Blondie

It is the Action for Children Quiz. Any suggestions for No.5 which is £5 note in a box with x3 next to it. and No.19 a mitten/boxing glove with IT in bold next to it.  Thank you.

Three times a lady (lady Godiva is rhyming slang for fiver)

beat it?

I agree with One Way or Another- although it wasn't a UK single and usually these quizes only use singles rather than album tracks

Thank youToorak. I wondered that myself but didn't know the rhyming slang. Always learning with these quizzes. 

Or maybe just Money Money Money

^ by Abba

NMA, I think One Way or Another was covered for charity, by someone like One Direction or McFly.

Yes by 1direction but in 2010s

I can't make out the thing next to the desert island.

Living on an Island

Island Girl

Fantasy Island?

Ismad of Lost Souls?

Has anyone got a link to the picture please?

^should say ISLAND of lost Souls


No 19. There was a song called 'Punch It' but I can't find out if it was released in the 70's or 80's though.

Beat It (Michael Jackson) sounds better , provided it is a boxing glove

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Music Quiz - Song Title 1970S/1980S

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