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pammie02 | 07:31 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
29 Answers

They boils tiny fun eggs, 6,6,2,6

Many thanks in advance 



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e.g.  - finest eulogy by nightsalthough it needs to be a well-known phrase
19:21 Thu 23rd May 2024

is there a theme ?

Question Author

No theme as such the answer can be made from the letters in the first clue

I'm stuck on this answer in the quiz 

what quiz is this ?

Question Author

Just a local quiz that I do once a month 

can you give another clue and answer ,it may help to see how the setters mind works x

Question Author

There's not really any more clues than what I've already given, all the answers to this months quiz will be found in the first clue 

Can you just give us your 2nd and 6th answers?

hope pammie comes back x

Can get nowhere with this!

"all the answers to this months quiz will be found in the first clue "

Sorry, I cant work out what you are telling us there pam. If there are other answers that flow from this first clue, surely it would help if you tell us some of those answers

Question Author

Many thanks everyone but I shall probaly have to give this one a miss. The answers to all this quiz I'm doing can be found in the following clue which is, they boils tiny fun eggs, such as what I've already answered, easter animal - bread cake with Big Apple. Answer bunny, using the letters from the clue. So what I'm asking for help with is a four word anagram of they boils tiny fun eggs, 6,6,2,6, hope all this makes sense 

i still have no clue sorry x

You have extracted bunny from the clue now solve the other clues using the remaining letters and see what you end up with - bunny could become rabbit to meet one of the six letter words

there isn't any A'S or R's in the sentence 

The clue is an anagram of the answers to the clues not necessarily the final answer.

petland do you know the answer ,i haven't got a clue how this quiz works x

I don't know the answer nor understand 6 6 2 6 but the answers to all the clues in the quiz use all the letters in "They boils tiny fun eggs"

presumably we are looking for a well known or relevant phrase with that pattern using those letters

If pammie02 could give us some more questions to solve then it may become much clearer.

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