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Save The Children Quiz May 2024

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alexm | 14:52 Fri 24th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers

No 15 Poetic city

No 30 Type of tea 



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30 Tetley   .....Lincolnshire
18:03 Sat 25th May 2024

What is the theme please?

30 Tetley

I think it is UK tows from a previous post Ellie

alexm isn't known for coming back to questions, so don't hold your breath.

Thanks Ubasses

15 All I can think of is Limerick but it's not in the UK

The theme of the quiz is Places/Areas of UK and Ireland.

Well then Limerick sounds good for No.15

Alexm. You did need to type the topic of the Quiz and the closing date and any number of letters to the clues. People will be able to help you better. 

Question Author

Answer to bhg481 - thank you for your reply to my question yesterday re Save The Children May 2024  Sorry I didn't respond and am quite upset at your remarks to elliemay1 but I have just got back to Answerbank after an extremely long illness so patience would be appreciated  I have not yet figured out how to reply directly to people - it's still a learning curve for me Thank you  Alexm

30. English breakfast ?

30 Tetley   .....Lincolnshire

sorry ubasses missed you there x

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Save The Children Quiz May 2024

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