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All Answers Have Art In The Answer

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Geegee2 | 18:01 Tue 28th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
15 Answers

1 Flew in the canary 6-7

2 car food brand with added Romeo 2-4

3 what a rare treat 4

4 sounds like a good accompaniment 6-5





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1 Amelia Earhart

2Go cart -if cat food is meant.

3 wart or tart

Question Author

Sorry was cat

3 wart (initial letters)

4 Tartar Sauce

tartar sauce may be right, but is it any better than, say,  tomato sauce? Neither first word explains "Sounds like a good" bit

I know tomato doesn't have ART in unless you spell it tomarto!

You say tomayto and I say tomarto.

4 Maybe it was Food accompaniment? There was a typo in one of the others....



maybe--- although the 'sounds like' still wouldn't be needed

Maybe Butter sauce  ..... sounds like better??

^^ Head is all over the place - ignore butter!!!

Interesting :-) especially as it usually has an e on the end - tartare sauce.

And you could say tomato sauce is a food accompaniment that sounds like it has art in it :-)

4.  Sartre books?  Sartre sounds like tartar and Sartre was a writer.  

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All Answers Have Art In The Answer

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