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Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/D 30 June

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Tuvok | 15:10 Mon 24th Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers

2 quizzes, no letter count

Trades and Professions

9. Gladys Aylward was one

11. ? Fish

13. Stableman



6. Half the answer is on this sheet

7. Surname of an ex-priminister

9. It might be a yard one

10. Goods in shops ETC

13. Graphite


All help appreciated.



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9 Missionary

13 Ostler

10 Stock

7 Primrose,_5th_Earl_of_Rosebery

9 Broom

13 Plumbago

PLUMBAGO definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary (


any plumbaginaceous plant of the genus Plumbago, of warm regions, having clusters of blue, white, or red flowers 

See also leadwort

2.  another name for graphite

^^^ Good find, jj

Tuvok, in No 11 is the '?' on the quiz sheet or are you just puzzled by the single word 'fish'?

Thanks Captain!

There a a few fish known as "Barber fish"

Johnrandallia (wiki)

....The blacknosedbutter flyfish or barberfish (Johnrandallia nigrirostris) (from the Spanish names, El Barbero or Mariposa Barbero, "the barber" or "butterfly barber"), is a species of fish in the family Chaetodontidae, the butterfly fishes. 

Barbels are also known as Barber fish especially in South Africa

There are also "Cleaner" fish

11 weatherman ...Michael Fish?

Question Author

Thanks all - just flower q. 6 to get.

Question Author

Q.6 anybody?

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Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/D 30 June

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