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sports, pastimes and games

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doorknob | 20:14 Sun 09th Apr 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers

1. A rod in a safe (4,5)

2. One for the mathematicians (7)

3. Peacock and admiral (9)

4. A perm? (7)

5. An argument (9)

6. The first chemical compound? (7,3)

Many thanks in advance.




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3. butterfly (swimming stroke)
1. Pole vault.
5) Crossword
Question Author
Aren't they easy when you know the answers! Many thanks to you both - and in anticipation of the others???


The first chemical compound is formula one

What have you got for The Greeks are good at this (8)

Well Done for that Minoru.


Hi again Minoru

How about Olympics

Question Author

Cheers Minoru,

For the Greeks I went for Marathon

Question Author
I'm still missing "one for the mathematicians" though.
2. How about 'figure-skating' for mathematicians?
That sounds good Dinkypuzzled.
Question Author

I like the answer but unfortunately I only need 7 letters.


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sports, pastimes and games

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