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December Generalist

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prospector | 15:37 Fri 17th Nov 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Shall we try to keep the thread already started - zles/Question322521.html

.... going throughout all the Questions that will come on this xword in the next 3 weeks?

{We then a) do not clutter up the front-page with oft repeated questions and anwers; b) have one easy searchable reference for 'December Generalist' - if it works then may be carry same principle on in January 2007 with another one single thread - c) should help the dear old creaking Search this Site function; etc}

I am suggesting that, the group doing this puzzle is small in number, so to answer these tough questons we all help each other, and make life easier for those who are looking for answers give some background about each answer? Isn't it much more satisfying to understand about an answer , than just to be given it?

So .... if a new thread is opened for December Generalist --> could ABers ...... post this answer -->

Please refer back to this thread for an answer - zles/Question322521.html

{of course, post an answer on the old thread if no answer is yet there!}


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good idea
This sounds a jolly good idea to me, and it might be one that the group who do other advanced puzzles - azed, mephisto etc might like to take up.
Question Author
I think so - suits these advanced puzzles.

Just hope that the other answerers will 'buy into' this idea?
and all others

Good idea..I usually "subscribe " to these questions anyway until the comp is over .
This proposal makes a lot of sense, and I agree whole heartedly with a central point of reference. Also appreciate your detailed analysis of previous queries prospector.

I am now going to post another item on afore-mentioned site!
Question Author
wow .... thanks to all (so far)
Great idea prospector and may I say that I do appreciate the information you usually give along with your answers. A prime example being this morning's information re the British coffee houses. This is information I don't have to hand and had merely guessed the answer had to do with coffee. Thanks for your detailed explanation. One never ceases to learn especially when we have someone willing to "light the way." Thanks sincerely.
Question Author
thank you ontarioic
Yes a very good idea Prospector.
I'm posting this so that I will be able to find this thread 2 -3- days hence when it is buried in many other posts. Many message boards move recently answered posts to the top of the list - it would be great if AB could do this too.
Good evening prospector, I agree with fellow generalist's a good idea, and also been interesting to read your explanations of answers, this months seems more cryptic than the usual general knowledge type and searching out crossword, interesting to do and good that in short time shaney introduced it been a number of AB winners. I am impressed they accept just a print out and don't have to buy the Magazine, also can read most of it on line.
Question Author
great comments JimJools, JRB, and pega.

I have boomarked the thread, as well.

Happy Puzzling (on the thread no. 322521)

Count me in too, prospector, that's a very good idea. I've barely started this months, but will be able to settle down to it after tomorrow.
Question Author
great to have you onboard seekeerz
Meant to mention, prospector, that I don't enter the actual competition for the Generalist. The two of us work at it and call it our monthly brain workout.
Perhaps we are eligible to enter, don't know, but in the event that we just might win don't think that the folks at Generalist would be willing to ship such a large prize all the way across the Atlantic. So here's hoping that this month's winner will again be one of our new friends from this site.
Cheers O-ice.
Question Author
nice thought ontarioice
Question Author
seems to have gone well - thanx to support from so many

suggest, whoever first finds January Generalist is available, sets up a single thread.

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December Generalist

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