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DT 25216 - Explanation for answers please!

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milkmeister | 13:58 Thu 01st Feb 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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25a. Accountant in China developing the bends - CHICANE. Is this a mistake, as there is not E in China or CA, one assumes the real answer should be CHICANA which it isn't...

21d. Looking to understand piece - SEEKING. Obvious looking is seeking, and to understand is see, but why pis piece king?


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chess piece- king?
I agree with you, milkmeister, accountant is usually the clue for CA. the only thing I can suggest is CE= Chancellor of the Exchequer, an accountant. Not a good clue.
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Glad it's not just me! Thanks both for your comments.
I think it is a printing error. The clue should have read Chine instead of China.

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DT 25216 - Explanation for answers please!

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