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Clarification please

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seekeerz | 12:13 Sat 11th Aug 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Crofter, if you are still around - please respond, I need some clarification regarding entries


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more to the above - kettledrum has asked about identical entries on KM - given the four link words there very well may be some - does this matter or do we just hand out points all round ?? I haven't checked to know if there are any, but as many of us post before checking what is already there, it seems to be a problem we have little control over and personally, I wouldn't want to - anyway over to you, sir, S xxx
Until crofter comes along, I can point you in the right direction. According to rule 5, a duplicate 'full-house' winning entrant will have his/her lowest scoring word deducted.

See the rules listed here: zles/Riddles/Question312705.html

I don't think this rule has been amended since then.
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thanks gen2, have checked back in the rules, will go read through the postings and see what's there
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have completed the above and surprisingly only one post has been duplicated, but reading your interpretation gen2, I take it that ShamrockBlue was referring to correct winning entries - is this correct ?? Will now take self and rotten head cold to bed and check back tomorrow
Yes seekeerz that is my interpretation because if the answers were not all correct, dropping the points of the lowest scoring word would mean dropping zero points.

At least, that is my interpretation of the rules as stated, but whether that is how they were intended to be interpreted, I don't know. I think crofter would have to arbitrate in any dispute.
gen2 has read the rules correctly. It is only when an "all correct" entry has been duplicated that dropping the "weakest link" has any significance. In all other occasions, there will be at least one incorrect prediction and so the "weakest link" carries zero points!

I hope that this clarifies the position.

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Clarification please

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