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Help Needed Literature Quiz Part Two

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JoeHotpot | 22:09 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
10 Answers
20. Who is the recipient of The Four Feathers, in the book of that name?

21. "That thou, light winged dryad of the trees, in some melodious plot of beechen green, and shadows numberless, singest of summer in full throated ease." Which bird inspired these lines?

22. "There with fantastic garlands did she come, of crow-flowers, nettles, Daisies and long purples." Which fair maiden is being described?

23. Who, according to parish records, was "slaine by Ffrancis Ffreezer"?

24. Which British poet died after catching a fever he caught while walking in a thunderstorm?

25. Love, curiosity, doubt and what else were the four things that Dorothy Parker would have been better without?

26. What is the name of Hamlet's mother in Shakespeare's play of that name?

27. Which Belgian writer created the pipe smoking Parisian detective Jules Maigret?

28. Who is the narrator of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island?

29. Which Rossetti poem tells the story of two sisters tempted by forbidden fruit?

30. What are the names of the two coaches that are usually pulled by Thomas the Tank Engine?

31. How is the butler to Lord Loam better known in the play by JM Barrie?

32. Other than the choice of white or brown bread, which other food stuff do the people of the town offer the Lion and the Unicorn in the Lewis Carroll poem?

33. Charlie Higson writes about the young adventures of which spy?

34. Which conflict acts as the background to the Boris Pasternak novel, Doctor Zhivago?

35. Which lisping screaming girl is William Brown often forced to let accompany him and his fellow Outlaws?



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21 Ode to the nightingale Keats
haven't got many of these on your own yet? Maybe you could have a crack at it first.

One of them is Ophelia
26 Gertrude


34Russian post-revolution civil war
Does nobody see that this person is having a laugh at the expense of others?
Well it would be justice if someone on answerbank went and downloaded this quiz did it and won the big money. Maybe a lot of us did not know it existed so maybe he/she has done us a favour.
The laugh would be on them then
Onwards and upwards.
Question Author
Dear halcyon days, damn you�ve seen the weakness in my plot, I should never have posted the link, now everyone will be entering the quiz, my plot for world domination is crumbling around my feet

At least Catron almost got the point, it really wasn�t my intention to laugh at others, my intention was to let everyone know that its pointless entering quizzes such as this because the greedy and the lazy just ask use sites such as this.

What�s the point in spending time looking for answers when you can just put the questions on here and let others do it.

I don�t know why the Northern Echo don�t just have an end of year lottery in place of this quiz

-- answer removed --
I wonder if you realise what a fool you have made yourself look - you could have made your point with ONE post, yet you carried on and on for no reason whatsoever. And the most stupid things of all is that you have made no difference whatsoever - questions and answers to quizzes will still appear on this site and there will be no less of them for all your silly games. I would say ' grow up', except that I think you have proved that is well and truly beyond you.
Question Author
This is a great site, a bit like Google but with feedback!

RAGGY ROMAN & Catron, I love you both dearly xx

Do you think there's any point in me posting the answers on here?
20. harry faversham. 23.christopher marlowe.35.violet elizabeth bott

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Help Needed Literature Quiz Part Two

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