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Help Needed Current Affairs Quiz Part Three

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JoeHotpot | 22:19 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
16 Answers
36. A Colt Python .357 Magnum was sold at auction for �12,000. Who was its famous former owner?

37. Which private school became the first in Britain to suffer strikes by teachers over the dismissal of a colleague?

38. John Redpath retired after 17 years doing which job?

39. Who was named Britain's best dressed man by GQ magazine

40. Which two North-East towns were celebrating the return of a direct rail link after 42 years without one?

41. Which supermarket chain became the first to fine drivers that parked illegally in priority parking places?

42. Which politician uttered the words: "Today we have begun to plant and we await the harvest"?

43. Which record was broken by a Helphire employee called Brady?

44. Who snubbed a place in the final of The Apprentice, citing the reason as not wanting to uproot her family?

45. Who died half-a-mile from his home while piloting a Squirrel?

46. Which County Durham landmark celebrated its 150th anniversary?

47. Which organization did David Heaton leave after 16 years?

48. Which politician featured in a sketch alongside Catherine Tate for Comic Relief?

49. What was voted as the nation's favourite regional food by the readers of Good Housekeeping magazine?

50. Whose hiking, biking, pedaloing, kayaking and roller blading journey came to an end after 13 years?

Please make sure you answer all the questions correctly, I need the money


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36 ian fleming

why don't you try googling yourself?
48 tony blair

See, it doesn't take long

You should be paying us
Question Author
Hi syruphead

Thanks for the hint but it sounds quite painful

Just tried it, brought a tear to my eye and all results lead back here!!!

Thanks again

43 is easy too

I'm not surprised you have had no help since sunday
syruphead - JoeHotpot isn't looking for answers. They had their own agenda and was deliberately trying to make fools of those who would answer. Do not waste your time on this buffoon.
Question Author
Hi syruphead, Catron is almost correct, amazing as that might seem!

My agenda was not to make fools of the people who answer it was an attempt to highlight the lazy and greedy people who do make no effort to find answers they just post all the questions on here.

I also hope it made people aware that this quiz is open to EVERYONE and genuine people could have a chance to answer

Sadly it seems there are people like Catron lurking around this site, who not only think they own it, but also think they have the right to tell everyone else how to spend their lives

Since Sunday Ive been told by a number the AB elite to get a life, at least I was trying to do a quiz, I dont spend my life cyber squatting waiting to pounce on anyone who they dont agree with.

They even have to dream up conspiracy theories if you don�t fit their profiles, apparently in their worlds there can only be one person who disagrees with them so they think anyone that does is the same person, and blame Doc Spock

Oh well back to plant Earth

See you next year

if i had seen your earlier questions i would not have wasted my time.
However, I do believe, as you do, that are people posting questions which could easily be answered without troubling AB subscribers. Google is an obvious first port of call . I only ask ABers as a last resort.
Oh thats a laugh!! Can you point out any post of mine where I have told you, or anyone else, how to live their lives? How many posts did you make to try and get your point across? - 15? 18? somewhere around that many. If anybody is telling people how to live their lives it is you.
Question Author
Hi syruphead

It was a response to someone who had posted 16 questions the day after the quiz was issued

Sadly the AB cyber police didnt agree, like i care

Hi Catron

I understand now why you lurk here, cant be much use doing quizzes if you have such a poor memory

When did you last tell someone how to live their lives, try
Wed 09/01/08 22:42

'Do not waste your time on this buffoon'

It must be difficult that you cant count or dont know the difference between 15 and 18

Can you tell me what gives you the right to stalk this or any other website spouting your rubbish

Kind regards

You really are just a joke. As syruphead has already said, they would not have wasted their time answering what they thought were real questions if they had seen your earlier questions. I was helping this person to see the truth of the situation, that is all; (something that you did not even have the courtesy to do).

As for you sad conclusion that I need answers to quiz questions, have you seen even one question where I have asked for help on a quiz? No, you have not - which only goes to prove what a fool you are.

You have ultimately failed in whatever your aim was and that is enough recompense for all who will continue to annoy you by asking for quiz answers when they want to. Goodbye.
Question Author
You say Goodbye, I say Hello

My goodness almost 12 hours for your reply, having you been cyber stalking somewhere else?

You�ve already proved you have a poor memory and can�t count know you�ve added either the fact you cant read or understand what you do read.

Shame you�ve only chosen to repeat the part of syrupheads message that supports your view, try reading or understanding the complete message.

Also try reading and understanding my message to syruphead from 23:24

Can you show me where I say you need to answer quiz questions, again try to read and understand, as for the fact that you�ve never asked even one question, I�m sure you�re right, that�s because your such a know it all!

�Recompense for all� by ALL do you mean you and the rest of the AB Police who patrol the site 24/7 As you seem unable to read and understand very much, the fact you think I�ve failed means I must have succeeded.

Again you have failed to understand, it doesn�t annoy me that people ask questions, it annoys me that lazy and greedy people ask questions in bulk but I suppose if they didn�t you wouldn�t have any life at all.

I�d really love to know why you think you have the right to lurk around this site telling people what to do. If you want examples please let me know.

Happy cyber stalking

41. asda
42 Ian Paisley
Question Author
Hi 4GS

Thanks for the answers but now you're going to loads of flak from the site owner Catron and his cyber police


Trust me Joe, I'm bigger and uglier than just about anyone else on AB so I can take it
Question Author
Sounds like you might be my long lost brother then

I want to know when the elections are, so i have a chance to rule the site


You're welcome, happy to help
Good luck with the quiz

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Help Needed Current Affairs Quiz Part Three

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